2018 Qualified Riders

Details of the riders qualified for the 2018 Mitsubishi Motors Cup can be found below. Information on how to qualify for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup can be found HERE.

Updated 09/11/2017 – Please note that this list is provisional and requires result validation before qualification can be confirmed, please contact the British Eventing office on sport@britisheventing.com/02476698869 for further details

BE100 Qualified Riders

Rider First Name Rider Surname Horse Name Owner Name Qualified at
Jasmine Raven KNOCKANROE SPIRIT Jasmine Raven Great Witchingham
Mollie Harris STAMBROOK MISS D MENA Sarah Rook Great Witchingham
Jenna Good TREWITHIAN HAWKEWEED Jenna Good Firle Plate Int
Alyson Parker JJ MALONE Alyson Parker Firle Plate Int
Karen Maurice PANACHE II Karen Maurice Firle Plate Int
Ricky Hilton KILCANNON WILL HE Jill Prain Firle Plate Int
Ricky Hilton BANK C IV Ricky Hilton Firle Plate Int
Sophia Icke THINK TANK THINK Sophie Icke Firle Plate Int
Catherine Sadler ROYAL MESSENGER Caterine Sadler Firle Plate Int
Tanya Reid MONTGOMERY FLAX Tanya Reid Firle Plate Int
Lauren Allin THE AVIATOR III Lauren Allin Shelford Manor (2)
Katie Stephens-grandy TRENDY MAGIC TOUCH Katie Stephens-grandy Shelford Manor (2)
Jethro Thompson SPLENDIX Stephen Watson Shelford Manor (2)
Sarah Charnley ENJOY II Sarah Charnley Shelford Manor (2)
Olivia Dawson SANAU HUGO Olivia Dawson Shelford Manor (2)
Franki Reeds AUTUMN DOUBLE Franki Reeds Shelford Manor (2)
Charlotte Agar GAMBLER VD BEEKZIJDE Charlotte Agar Shelford Manor (2)
Stephen Rankin IRANGO Stephen Rankin Shelford Manor (2)
Rosalie Speeckaert DARK DIAMOND II Rosalie Speeckaert Shelford Manor (2)
Harriette Howard DOCTOR OF DIPLOMACY Sally Koorts Shelford Manor (2)
Julie Jones BOWHOUSE ARTEMIS Julie Jones Llanymynech (2)
Sarah Roberts CARTIER VD RUITERSHOEVE Sarah Roberts Llanymynech (2)
Richard Wakeham AMYTURE O Rachel Hickman Llanymynech (2)
Sophie Wilson NEWLANDS SANDO HIT Sophie Wilson Llanymynech (2)
Vicki Ardern SILVER CLOUD III Vicki Ardern Llanymynech (2)
Kate Adam DIAMOND DIABLO II Kate Adam Llanymynech (2)
Maisy Cursham PARADISE MOON Maisy Cursham Llanymynech (2)
Holly Chivers DRIPSHILL DREAM MAKER Holly Chivers Llanymynech (2)
Samantha Jimmison DAYTON DI VILLA LORI Josie Robinson Richmond (2)
Louise Clark BOO DIDDLEY Jane Clark Richmond (2)
Caroline Preston LOUMIC DYNAMO Caroline Preston Richmond (2)
Bryony Fearnley DERMOT Bryony Fearnley Richmond (2)
Harriette Howard AMBROSIANO Danny Ablott and Wiebke Oellrich Richmond (2)
Bethany Shipley PUNCH TOWN Anne Somers Richmond (2)
Kate Bartle BAYLDON PUMPKIN Kate Bartle Richmond (2)
Ria Scott COLDMOORE JUST WILLIAM Ria Scott Richmond (2)
Tori Mcalister CORRIEVIEW BRYNN Laura and Tori Mcalister Goring Heath (2)
Harriet Holland PENHILL ALL DUN UP Harriet Holland Goring Heath (2)
Charlotte Hordle JKS TOPGUN Charlotte Hordle Goring Heath (2)
Anna Stillwell WELLSHEAD SQUIGGLE Susan J Lanz Goring Heath (2)
Corinne Roberts RECESSION Corinne Roberts Goring Heath (2)
Emily Williams CULVERLANE ST WILLIAM OF YORK Emily Williams Goring Heath (2)
Lottie Hutton TOWNEND LITTLE TREASURE Lottie Hutton Goring Heath (2)
Trudy Johnson FOXRIDGE DANTE Nigel Johnson Goring Heath (2)
Anna Martin SANNANVALLEY CLASSIC Hente Dorhout Mees and Anna Martin Goring Heath (2)
Rachel Stanhope ISKAHEEN QUEEN Rachel Stanhope Goring Heath (2)
Bronia Hill SAUNDERSCOURT RICARDO Bronia Hill Goring Heath (2)
Philippa Hendry CHEVALIAN ARMAGNAC Philippa Hendry Goring Heath (2)
Alisha Coombes DELHURENS UPSEY DAISY Alisha Coombes Goring Heath (2)
Jessica Baker BELVILLE CLOVER Jessica Baker Goring Heath (2)
Summer Nicholls ALFIE XXVI Summer Nicholls Goring Heath (2)
Olivia Mitchell WOODLAND LAD Olivia Mitchell Goring Heath (2)
Sam Harrison CHEQUORED ELF Sam Harrison Alnwick Ford Int
Lucy Watson RAFIKI YANGO Lucy Watson Alnwick Ford Int
Sarah Robinson KILLYRANDAL Sarah Robinson Alnwick Ford Int
Kirsty Veitch JAKE XIV Kirsty Veitch Alnwick Ford Int
Jodie Caig LYNDHURST BREEZE Jean Mctaggart Alnwick Ford Int
Stephen Rankin CASTLEFOBES ROSCOE Stephen Rankin Alnwick Ford Int
Morgan Wyatt BAYLEW ENIGMA Morgan Wyatt Little Downham (3)
Victoria Wentworth DILANO Z Victoria Wentworth Little Downham (3)
Eleanor Morley BENNINGTON Eleanor Morley Little Downham (3)
Claire Walker QUANTICO Z Claire Walker Little Downham (3)
Abbie Richards MULVIN ON THE BALL Abbie Richards Little Downham (3)
Biddy Brasted-watts BANSHA VENDI Biddy Brasted-watts Little Downham (3)
Caroline Bridge ELDYNO Caroline Bridge Little Downham (3)
Lauren Obosi FIRST IMPRESSION Lauren Obosi Weston Park (2)
Harriet George CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Harriet George Weston Park (2)
Lucinda Britnell FLOOR Lucinda Britnell Weston Park (2)
Robert Gilsenan HUMAMELODY Robert Gilsenan Weston Park (2)
Honor McFarlane ZIGGY IX Honor McFarlane Weston Park (2)
Freya Browne NEWLANDS KAISER Freya Browne Weston Park (2)
Stephanie Waite THE REAL REBEL Stephanie Waite Weston Park (2)
Tracey Crane BIG ERIC Tracey Crane Weston Park (2)
Joanne Watts CHURCHSIDE REFLECTION Deirdre Hunt Broadway (2)
Oliver Lofthouse AMICITIA Mary Lofthouse Broadway (2)
Nicola Collins JUMBOS ROSE II Nicola Collins Broadway (2)
Ruth Whitmore IDEAL ILLUSION Ruth Whitmore Broadway (2)
Hollie Booth DRAMATIC Hollie Booth Broadway (2)
Tracey Crane HENRY THE HUNTER Tracey Crane Broadway (2)
Michelle Sampson ROCKET VII Michelle Sampson Broadway (2)
Karis Chambers CORVILLE DE HAAR Karis Chambers Broadway (2)
Ben Leathers CON RICO Ben Leathers Broadway (2)
Miranda King ONYX BRUERE Miranda King Broadway (2)
Lois Teal Z7 CATASTROPHE Lois Teal Norton Disney (2)
Justine Fordham KILCANDRA RAMBO RAY Justine Fordham Norton Disney (2)
Natalie Flewitt CHESTER VI Natalie Flewitt Norton Disney (2)
Claire Elbrow RATHCLINE CORI Janet Willis Norton Disney (2)
Alison Palmer HILLSIDE SKY BLUE Alison Palmer Norton Disney (2)
Laura Greenhalgh COVER Kelly Marshall Norton Disney (2)
Anna Czylok CUROLEA MIKA Anna Czylok Norton Disney (2)
Leanne George ARCTURUS OCEANSTAR Leanne George Aldon International (2)
Darragh Turner TERRENCE Home Farm Equestrian Centre Aldon International (2)
Charlotte Ord LILY DEW Melanie Harris Aldon International (2)
Katie Hancock CHYTODDEN CRYSTAL ROSE Katie Hancock Aldon International (2)
Jessica Penn MIDNIGHT TEMPLE Jessica Penn Aldon International (2)
Harriet Collins THEO IV Harriet Collins Aldon International (2)
Jessie Vanassche DA VINCI II Jessie Vanassche BOVINGTON (2)
Sophie Arundel FIOCCO BLUE D AMERLOO Sophie Arundel BOVINGTON (2)
Naomi Perry JOYRIDE II Naomi Perry BOVINGTON (2)
Anna Wiles KING OF THE GLEN Anna Wiles BOVINGTON (2)
Lewis Drew MENAI COSMIC DUKE Freya Wiggins BOVINGTON (2)
Amanda Wreford-brown TRISTIS ROCK Jenny Wreford-brown BOVINGTON (2)

BE90 Qualified Riders


Rider First Name Rider Surname Horse Name Owner Name Qualified at
Jessica Zajda NANTEGLWYS TALIESIN Jessica Zajda Hendersyde
Jenny Naylor-davis JUMP QUE Jenny Naylor-davis Firle Place Int
Fern Wilson KILLEA COLOURS Fern Wilson Firle Place Int
Sophie Albery WAYLAND TIMBERRY Sophie Albery Firle Place Int
Amelia Sykes SPOTLIGHTS Amelia Sykes Firle Place Int
Alice Latta JERRY III Alice Latta Firle Place Int
Harriet Gillam MILCHEM LAS VEGAS Harriet Gillam Firle Place Int
Ellie Barnard TEMPLAR ESPRIT Ellie Barnard Firle Place Int
Jennifer Hossack SLIGO FLASH AGAIN Jennifer Hossack Firle Place Int
Nelly Pearse KILLAGOOLA BOY Nelly Pearse Firle Place Int
Imogen McMurray COOLROCK SPIT FIRE Imogen McMurray Firle Place Int
Georgia Cathcart ARLEYS TOYBOY Georgia Cathcart Shelford Manor (2)
Catherine Hewitt MATTHEW MAN Catherine Hewitt Shelford Manor (2)
Stephanie Hill STORMHILL MARTIN Stephanie Hill Shelford Manor (2)
Hannah Lucy Comery BALLYLAHIVE PRINCE Hannah Lucy Comery Shelford Manor (2)
Caroline Bridge ELDYNO Caroline Bridge Shelford Manor (2)
Carrie Evie FERDY III Carrie Eve Shelford Manor (2)
Charlotte Wood HOSCOS HERALDIK Charlotte Wood Shelford Manor (2)
Kathryn Woolley ALIMARR Kathryn Woolley Shelford Manor (2)
Laura Greenhalgh STANHOPES TRAVELLING MAN Sarah Reeve Shelford Manor (2)
Freya Kendrew ROMEO III Freya Kendrew Shelford Manor (2)
Stephanie Batty ATTYRORY MATE Stephanie Batty Shelford Manor (2)
Katie Baldwin MOELFRYN GOLDEN WONDER Katie Baldwin Shelford Manor (2)
Katie Stephens-grandy MR MUSIC Katie Stephens-grandy Shelford Manor (2)
Sarah Walpole BLOOMFIELD BRUNEI Sarah Walpole Shelford Manor (2)
Frances Berry FAST FORWARD II Frances Berry Shelford Manor (2)
Michelle Patrick DREAM ON PORSCHE Michelle Patrick Shelford Manor (2)
Rachael Cross SAILLES LAD Rachael Cross Aswanley
Amanda Waugh FAN DABY ANGUS Amanda Waugh Aswanley
Mhairi Munro ATLANTIC AFFAIR Mhairi Munro Aswanley
Hugh Nichols HAZEL II Hugh Nichols Aswanley
Deborah Rusden LEMON TWIST Deborah Rusden Pontispool (2)
Holly Bluck SEPPELINO Holly Bluck Pontispool (2)
Olivia Hoyland MIS FANTASTIC Olivia Hoyland Pontispool (2)
Lily Ryder DARTANS BLACKBERRY Lily Ryder Pontispool (2)
Poppy Burner BERTIE BLUCK Poppy Burner Pontispool (2)
Tom Sloper LANGARTH RHYS Kerry Stutt Pontispool (2)
Helen Pavey KNOCKENPOWER RORY Helen Pavey Pontispool (2)
Anna Stillwell ROSSTOWN HERO Anna Stillwell Pontispool (2)
Lauren Collard ORIONS BRITE SPARK Lauren Collard Pontispool (2)
Michelle Phillips PIPPIN TITANIA Michelle Phillips Pontispool (2)
Claire Cook FIVE COLOURS Claire Cook Pontispool (2)
Issy Halpin SHANBO HAZEL NUT Issy Halpin Pontispool (2)
Sue Burnell OR APPLES Sue Burnell Pontispool (2)
Florrie Dyer BERNHARD III Florrie Dyer Pontispool (2)
Charlotte Walters HOLNEST FRODO BAGGINS Charlotte Walters Pontispool (2)
Sophie Croxton MR MCGOWAN Sophie Croxton Kelsall Hill (2)
Sarah Spearing TIMBERWOLF III Sarah Spearing Kelsall Hill (2)
Vicki Lowe AVA III Vicki Lowe Kelsall Hill (2)
Chloe Fairley SKELTON BETH Chloe Fairley Kelsall Hill (2)
Katie Corteen CURRA OKO Katie Corteen Kelsall Hill (2)
Tina Riches TREBELLAN Tina Riches Kelsall Hill (2)
Claire Lewis MASTER WICKHAM Claire Lewis Kelsall Hill (2)
Deirdre Johnston KINGSLEYPARK PATCH Mrs Deirdre Johnston Kelsall Hill (2)
Hayley Duxbury DIAMOND AFTER CHANCE Hayley Duxbury Kelsall Hill (2)
Lorna Mary Bedford DADDY BOY Lorna Mary Bedford Kelsall Hill (2)
Victoria Linfield JOKERS PROMISE Victoria Linfield Munstead (2)
Lucinda Britnell BLYTHE SPIRIT VIII Lucinda Britnell Munstead (2)
Amanda Bettle YSGWYNFAWR FERGUS Amanda Bettle Munstead (2)
Tara Keoshgerian MUCHWOOD COMANCHE Tara Keoshgerian Munstead (2)
Holly Whyte TYNEFIELD FAIRLY MARVELOUS Holly Whyte Munstead (2)
Nicola McClure ZIPPITY DOO DAH Nicola McClure Munstead (2)
Joanna Jeans WOLFERLOW CHINA ROSE Joanna Jeans Munstead (2)
Nicola Bevan RHINEROE HERO Nicola Bevan Munstead (2)
Amy Rose Howe UNCHARTERED TERRITORY Amy Rose Howe Munstead (2)
Kelsey Love CASTLE HOUSE GEM Kelsey Love Munstead (2)
Alana Sparrow ANGELS SPIRIT Rasshied Din Munstead (2)
Katie Ingram HOLLYHATCH HIGHFLYER Katie Ingram Dauntsey Park (2)
Michelle Northmore FAIRWAYS LORD OF THE RING Michelle Northmore Dauntsey Park (2)
Donna Boyd RINUS STAR Donna Boyd Dauntsey Park (2)
Liv Irby LAN Y MOR LEANDER Liv Irby Dauntsey Park (2)
Dominique Park GALWAY FINNEGAN Dominique Park Dauntsey Park (2)
Aimee Stunt TIMOLIN Jennie Loriston-Clarke Dauntsey Park (2)
Stuart Nie PONTE VECCHIO Stuart Nie Dauntsey Park (2)
Yasmin Gershon GLENLO VALLEY MIRAH Yasmin Gershon Dauntsey Park (2)
Julie Bush ATTYCHREE PRINCE Julie Bush Dauntsey Park (2)
Suzanne Ashwell PUMLON LOVEHEART Suzanne Ashwell Dauntsey Park (2)
Aimee Stunt TIGER ATTACK Joanne Moran Dauntsey Park (2)
Laura Ridout DORSET MILL Elizabeth Wilson Dauntsey Park (2)
Harriet George CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Harriet George Dauntsey Park (2)
Emma Sutton COLTSTOWN GLIDER Emma Sutton Dauntsey Park (2)
Lisa Lindsay HELLO DOLLY IV Lisa Lindsay Dauntsey Park (2)
Sarah Howie JUST IN THYME X Sarah Howie Dauntsey Park (2)
Charlotte Bull CHEEKY CASPER Suzy Bull Little Downham (3)
Fran Oliver FRANCESCAS COCO Roger Andrews Little Downham (3)
Joanne Watts DARC LEGEND Joanne Watts Little Downham (3)
Fiona Lundy CASTIELLE Fiona Lundy Little Downham (3)
Elise Howard JUST DILLY Elise Howard Little Downham (3)
Sarah Turner CARSONTOWN WATERCOLOUR Helen Tedaldi Little Downham (3)
Jane Anderson JIMS PATCH Jane Anderson Little Downham (3)
Joanne Watts CHILHAM TEMPLE BAR Deirdre Hunt Little Downham (3)
Mollie Harris BANNVIEW BLACK BESS Sarah C Rook Little Downham (3)
Philippa Shell ROYAL GUNNER Susan Shell Eden Valley
Gillian Bassett RAINTON WOODLANDER Gillian Bassett Eden Valley
Rachel Clark WOT BEAUTY Charlotte Ridley Eden Valley
Nydia Chandler GOLDIES INDIANA Nydia Chandler Eden Valley
Lauren Burton D AKIEDA Susan Allerton Eden Valley
Emma Scott COPPENAGH MISTY SHADOW Emma Scott Eden Valley
Nicola Cornforth SILVER TOM Nicola Cornforth Eden Valley
Vicki Fahey I BLAME BERTIE Vicki Fahey Eden Valley
Chloe Hagan BURGUNDY SUNSHINE Chloe Hagan Eden Valley
Clare Bosley TREMEER Clare Bosley Weston Park (2)
Gareth Denner SHEBA III Gareth Denner Weston Park (2)
Susan Pym CLONSWORDS STARDUST Susan Pym Weston Park (2)
Lucy Bednall MY GREY MELODY Joanne Bednall Weston Park (2)
Trudy Johnson CATCH ME IF U CAN Nigel Johnson Weston Park (2)
Maureen Aspinall SPORTSFIELD SUIR THING Maureen Aspinall Weston Park (2)
Kayleigh Davies SIURTAIN H AON Kayleigh Davies Weston Park (2)
Jessica McLeod RHYDANT DUFFY Jessica McLeod Weston Park (2)
Lucy Robinson GARVAN DRUMMER Lucy Robinson Weston Park (2)
Fionnuala Stott ARDFIELD WILLOW Fionnuala Stott Weston Park (2)
Isabella Jackson TALOS II Isabella Jackson Weston Park (2)
Sara Ridgway SKA BUACHAILL MOR Sara Ridgway Weston Park (2)
Phoebe Cashmore NIGHTS ON BROADWAY Phoebe Cashmore Weston Park (2)
Molly Spearman LANDSBROOK SPARTACUS Molly Spearman Weston Park (2)
Lucie Stokoe DOLORES II Lucie Stokoe Weston Park (2)
Katie Hale CLAYDON ROBINIA Liz Maybury and Miss Katie Hale Bovington (2)
Poppy Douglas-johnson LAST OF THE MOET Poppy Douglas-johnson Bovington (2)
Phoebe Prideaux CLONTUMPHER DREAM Phoebe Prideaux Bovington (2)
Lucy Care TOBERPATRICK PRIDE Lucy Care Bovington (2)
Cheryl Chamberlain CARDONAGH LASS Cheryl Chamberlain Bovington (2)
Anna Philpott BOUNCE BACK TOMAS Anna Philpott Bovington (2)
Charlotte Jeffes HUMPHREY VI Charlotte Jeffes Bovington (2)
Harriet Dance SOS UPPERCLASS OTTO Harriet Dance Bovington (2)
Naomi Bugg KINGSHIP II Naomi Bugg Bovington (2)
Hollie Hodges DOMINO III II Hollie Hodges Bovington (2)
Laura Hanson BONNIE RELEASE THE STARS Anna Johnson Sapey (2)
Eve Elizabeth Eggington CASHEL RED Eve Elizabeth Egginton Sapey (2)
Steph Lynn CRYSTAL VII Steph Lynn Sapey (2)
Carly Woolley GRAND ILLUSION Carly Woolley Sapey (2)
Robert Gilsenan LANDIS ROCKET MAN Robert Gilsenan Sapey (2)
Claire Al-redha LEGRANDE Clair Al-redha Sapey (2)
Holly Preece STARFIELD ZIGGY Holly Preece Sapey (2)
Deborah Fisher WOODLINE LADY Deborah Fisher Sapey (2)
Sophie Smith MASQUERADE III Sophie Smith Sapey (2)